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I am a freelance Photographer, Videographer and Film Maker available for studio,  or on location shoot. I am also an international published artist,  Graphic Designer and have been working with various types and size compositions for the past 30 years,

I m also a skilled Film Director, Producer,  Editor, Musician, Sound editor, Painter and writer .5 of my scripts made it to the big screen. I also the co-founder/director of the Vancouver Badass Film Festival, and Host two Art Exhibits a year.

I am based out of Vancouver and I have traveled the world for Film/Photography & Drone work, I am able to shoot in any location a passport can get me.  

      - My studio rates is 395$ per 90 minutes. (Includes 8-10 final edits)
        Message me directly me for day rates. *Standard Headshot / Portrait = 90 mins or less

      -Mini outdoor/ Natural light session rate for  30 mins is 195$ includes 4 edits and 50 processed images
        *Hair & Makeup is also available, price range goes from 60$ per client up to $120 depending on your choice of makeup/hair artist. 

      -For basic creative shoots plan to book at least 90 mins up to 2-3 hours
      -For basic outdoor pro shoot 90 mins up to 2-3 hours
      -For full day rates contact me with your info/concept for rates.             

      - Mobile and Travel rates are  395$ per 90 mins + Travel time, accomodation & fuel
       (Includes 8-12 final edits + processed 100 images ) Message me directly me for day rates.

      -  Events photography always vary depending on the scale of the project and
          the post production expectations.

      - I also own and operate Drones & Quad-copters for most aerial photography needs. The rates for Drone shots or clips is based on the deliverables for you needs.

TV & Movie Industry skills: Producer, Director. Editor, Director of Photography as well as Steady cam work and various other skills. Day rate based on Scale & Scope of project.

     778 316 6076

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Some of my clients
CBC Television Ford Canada ReThink Agency Productionista  Vogville Studio Rent-A-Nerd OneSumAgency A&W HootSuite  Ethical Bean Coffee HamiltonLawGroup Hauser Cladding Living Family Memories Vancouver Badass Film Festival | My Hawaiia Hostel | Cultivate Juice |  Cattivo Ragazzo 

And more then  130+ online  and print magazines publications including multiple Magazine  and  Art Nude Magazines.

I m a frequent collaborator for some of the best magazines around. Playboy. Playboy Mexico | VOLO Magazine  | NUDE Magazine| | Lavish Mode Magazine | Voltron Magazine | NUVU Magazine | Editorial Magazine | Implied Magazine | NUDE Magazine | FUSE Magazine
FHM Magzine | Dark Beauty Magazine | FHM Magzine | Summer Magazine | SKIN Magazine and many more... 

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